Dear FA friend

25 years ago, in february 1994, I started FABI ANN (then Black Heaven). The same year we recorded the first album.

Now I hope you enjoy my new record „Breathless“ with five new tracks from fiery rock to melancholic power ballads.

For recording the EP I got support from the great Buddah Craven from the band Underskin, who performed a heavy pounding, straight forward drum track to the song „REALITY“. Another big support was producer Carlos Vega who helped me mixing the songs „BROTHER* and „THE FINAL BIG BANG“. At least but not last all tracks were mastered by the amazing Carsten Zeise from Tonstudio.

Have fun with my new music.

Fabi Ann

2019 Breathless





Revolt!  NeW MusiC video


After more than a decade the legendary line up from 2003 – 2007 with Fabi Ann , Ivo Bucher and York reunite on a new album.